The Creation Process


I offer a complete photography and design service, tailored to meet each clients needs, style, and budget.

We create the most exquisite, tangible artwork from each portrait session.

First of all…..

We begin with a consultation at your home where I learn about your family life, what you love the most about your little ones, and your ideas for your portrait session. We discuss locations, clothing, and what time of day would be best for you and your family, amongst other things.

We’ll also talk about how you’d like to display your photographs – you might like a wall gallery of several images, one framed centre piece, a print box, album, a collection of different things, or a handful of smaller prints. It’s perfectly OK not to have any ideas, as I am overflowing with them. Pricing is discussed in detail at this point, and I also bring samples of the artwork so you can see and hold them in person.


print box of childrens portraits


And then the day of the shoot….

This lasts around 1 – 2 hours, and takes place at a location of your choice – (at home, in the woods, at the beach…). There is no forced posing, and it is literally as simple as going for a walk with a friend. In my opinion, the best photographs come from letting people interact naturally – I capture souls, not smiles.

Back at the ranch…..

The photographs then go through their first round of editing, and I’ll design some wall gallery ideas from the photographs we have of your walls at home if you told me you wanted wall art. 


If you told me you wanted an album I will have pre-designed one for you to see. 

Viewing the images and getting creative…

This is the best bit, where my clients see the results and we get creative!  We will watch a slideshow on a projector, and then easily get your images down to your favourites. I’m able to show you how your images look, to scale, on your walls at home so you can see exactly how your artwork will look before you commit. Alternatively you may want your favourite images in a print box or album, or some loose mounted prints. There is no ‘selling’ from me, I am simply your creative collaborator. We will work together to create stunning, heirloom artwork that will be enjoyed for years to come.



Finishing touches….

I then lovingly retouch and colour correct each individual image that has been chosen to go to print, one by one, sometimes adding some magical little touches along the way, and order each piece of artwork from my trusted suppliers.

Before Retouching


girl summer grass dress sunny

After Retouching


From me to you…

Once the artwork has arrived, I gift wrap each piece and hand deliver it to your home.


My promise…

I’m confident of providing images you adore, if you don’t fall in love with your images, I simply re-shoot the session, or refund the session fee







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