About me…

I have over 20 years experience as a professional photographer. I completed my BA Hons at Newport University in Documentary Photography, and then worked for years on newspapers as a photojournalist, until……

…..a few years ago I became a mum to Evan, and a little later, Amelie arrived.

The days dragged but the years FLEW by. At the end of each phase I felt sad, I knew I’d never see that side of them again. I took photos, trying to freeze time, to remember the little quirks and character traits they showed for that short while, before things changed again.

Life went by in a haze of dirty washing, sleepless nights, and a mental fog that only a mum of small children can relate to. Photos stayed on memory cards, social media, USB’s and hard drives, and an online storage cloud – so they were ‘safe.’ 

One day I realised that my children have had thousands of photos taken of them, but that it was likely they’d not have these precious images when they grew up. USB’s corrupt. Hard drives fail. It’s not a case of ‘if’ – its a case of ‘when.’ And also, would Evan and Amelie know how to access my online storage should the worst happen to me?

I owed it to them to PRINT the art that I was creating. I had the privilege to be able to look back on my childhood and see it again in an album, framed wall art, and prints when I grew up. They deserve this too.

And so it began. 

I made a promise to document their lives, and to print them onto wall art, in albums or print boxes, so they have something tangible to hold and see on a daily basis, so we can all stop, breathe, and know, in the hustle and bustle of life, exactly what is important. 

print box of childrens portraits
mounted print of family portrait

And then I made the promise to do the same for other parents. 

Sit down now, and think, when was the last time you had family photographs taken? Ones with you actually IN them, rather than behind the camera? How many of these photographs have you actually printed? Do you think its likely your children may miss out on having family photographs when they are adults, so they can look back on their childhood and their heritage, and their relationship with their family unit?

Do you want to freeze this phase in your little ones life in beautiful images an give your children a priceless gift? CLICK HERE to book.