If there’s anything you’d like to ask that isn’t mentioned here, don’t hesitate to drop me a message!


Q: I’m scared the children won’t behave for the photo shoot!

A: My outdoor portrait sessions are really as simple as going for a walk with a friend. I recommend you tell this to the kids. They’ll be so busy playing they won’t even notice I am taking pictures. I may guide you to get an image that I want, but I won’t be telling you to stand awkwardly and smile at the camera. And I definitely don’t expect children to conform or sit still. The best photographs come from natural moments. I ‘watch’ for perfect photographs rather than ‘create’ them.

Q: I’m scared I’ll look awful in the pictures. 

A: I had a photoshoot not long ago. I’d been putting it off for a long time, wanting to lose weight first. Then I realised, I wasn’t having the photos taken for Instagram or Facebook. They were for Evan and Amelie, nobody else. All my vanity disappeared. I had the photos taken and I’m so glad I did. They’re so precious. The ‘perfect time’ I was waiting for would never come. 

Q: How is your pricing structured?

A: Choose between ‘Digital Only’ and ‘Full Service.’ 

Digital only comes in 3 packages – gold, silver and bronze, starting at £379. 

‘Full Service’ – £90 session fee and then you have the option to purchase custom designed albums, wall art and prints with no minimum spend. The £90 session fee is deducted from any artwork purchased. Further info can be found here:  https://catherinebookerphotography.com/investment-2/

I take credit cards, and offer payment plans.

I promise photographs that you fall in love with, or I re-shoot your session, or refund the session fee.

Q: What shall we wear for the shoot?

A: I’ll give you advice on what to wear, what to expect, and what to bring on the day. I’ll encourage you to send me photos of the clothing if you’re worried about your choices.